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Woman of steel Patricia Narayan breaking boundaries with Sandeepha

Mrs. Patricia Narayan, Director, Sandeepha Chain of Restaurants

Most people across the world are content with what they have got, but there are a few for whom life is not just about living but something more than that. As the popular Japanese saying goes, “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” There are several such instances where certain individuals have refused to be weighed down by circumstances and finally managed to make it big at the world stage. The success story of Mrs. Patricia Narayan, Director, Sandeepha Chain of Restaurants, is somewhat similar.

Beginning of an astonishing journey
Starting from merely 50 paisa per day, Mrs. Patricia Narayan now earns INR 2 lakh a day, which is quite sensational as well as inspirational. However, life wasn’t always so hunky-dory for her. She left college early due to her marriage, but faced a severe economic crisis thereafter. This prompted her to earn her livelihood by making jams and pickles, which her mother sold to her office colleagues. However, the turning point in Mrs. Patricia Narayan’s life came when she set up a kiosk on the Marina beach in the year 1980. This gave her identity and exposure, and also marked the beginning of the good things to come. According to Mrs. Patricia Narayan, the Marina beach was her business school, her MBA.

The plan for expansion followed soon. Mrs. Patricia Narayan expanded her business by running canteens for various offices. She took up catering contracts in the cafeterias of the Slum Clearance Board and the National Institution of Port Management, before becoming a director of Sangeetha Group’s Nelson Manickam Road restaurant in 1998.

Birth of Sandeepha
In 2004, life again took an ugly turn for Mrs. Patricia Narayan when she lost her daughter in a car accident along with her son-in-law. This was a huge setback for her at a time when she was struggling both on a professional and personal level. A couple of years later, she set up Sandeepha restaurant along with her son in memory of her daughter. She also purchased an ambulance and stationed it at the spot where her daughter died.

Mrs. Patricia Narayan’s dedication and hardwork helped Sandeepha attain great heights in the hospitality sector. Over the years, Sandeepha has grown to become a chain of restaurants. Today, Sandeepha boasts of channelising sales through 14 outlets across Chennai, earning INR 2 lakh on an average daily basis.

Recognition for her hardwork came in the year 2010, when the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) rewarded her with the ‘FICCI Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ award.

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