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women are not safe anywhere……

WOMEN were not safe in any period of time and they are not safe anywhere of the world at present; research shows that even not in developed countries or in Europe! when we peruse the daily papers, in any city, anywhere,  The main news (after the political corruption headlines and the continuing fiascos of the government and party in power) is of violence against women. Violence against rural women, urban women, young, old, upper or low caste; even infants, it seems, are not spared. The home, the street, the office, the park, no place it seems is safe for a woman.

The forms of violence are myriad and sometimes boggle our imagination – girls being pulled into cars, being shot, acid thrown on their faces, being murdered, raped, harassed at work, ‘honour killed’ by parents or siblings in the home, the list is endless.

That is why women must break the culture of silence to enjoy their freedom of expression, freedom of mobility, freedom of observance of womanhood, freedom of choice to enjoy their lives, and freedom of protest against all the odds and obstacles they face every moment, everyday, everywhere. Considering all they are lagging behind, women must be more vocal to get space equally like men in every slit of the society. In addition, we need to conduct more research to know the baseline what women and men can accept to change their mindset positively to make a radical change

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